Monday, May 16, 2011

HACKGATE day 117: Sienna may have settled but she aint the fat lady.

Any relief felt among Wapping Liars tonight is hugely premature

The miracle silver-tongue of Michael Silverleaf worked its magic yet again in the High Court today, as Sienna Miller’s side accepted the £100,000 on offer in order to shut up forever about accept that a private showing of the relevant email batch to her lawyers was enough to satisfy her disquiet. It would be very easy to say Sienna took the money and ran, but the reality is she put her savings on the line to bring this case – so nobody should get too sanctimonious about it.

Unfortunately, the decision – announced a couple of hours ago around 3 pm BST – will set a precedent. And Newscorp was aiming an empty gun at Ms Miller. But that’s easy for me to say – it wasn’t my money. Instead, I think Sienna has a right to ask other celebs with more money – and other media so far being suspiciously reticent on the subject of privacy invasion – to take up the baton from here more..