Monday, May 16, 2011

HACKGATE day 118: Koo Stark to sue unnamed tabloid as hacking trail leads back to Royals.

News of the World’s Dan Evans now also in the frame

Evans: suspended……from a great height

I’m indebted to a senior Fleet Street contact who last night pointed out to me this excellent blog at a specialist legal site. The piece – by Dominic Crossley – does confirm the view of many around Britain (following yesterday’s £100,000 hacking settlement between Sienna Miller and Newscorp) that as The Slog asserted last night, the fat lady is a long way from singing – and Ms Miller is as delightfully slim as ever. The queue to sue keeps getting longer….and with each case, further details will be teased out.

Any Met investigators at yesterday’s session in the Court of Justice Vos will have been intrigued to hear about the behaviour of NotW’s Dan Evans, for example. As Crossley writes, the Hackgate saga….

‘took a leap forward yesterday with the explosive evidence that Dan Evans’ computer contained the same private mobile numbers as those found in Mulcaire’s papers. 

The full impact of this revelation has yet to be fully played out, but the suggestion is that this journalist made ongoing use of Mulcaire’s information when Mulcaire was removed from the picture by way of his conviction and prison sentence in 2007.’ more...