Friday, May 13, 2011

Super injunction: Lord Toby may be required in the future to have his mouth 'supered'

It is not the first time people in the know have slipped up and said what they know to be true, that Madeleine McCann IS in fact dead. Lord Toby, today wrote on his blog about the DEATH of Madeleine, it took a while before someone pointed it out to him....Lord Toby has now changed his blog BUT not before someone managed to take a screen shot.

Also the words from Kate McCann forever etched in our minds, how she imagines Madeleines ripped and torn perfect genitals, of course she imagines no such thing because as we all know as Lord Toby wrote today Madeleine is dead and has been for four long years. The fact Kate McCann has written such evil words shows her desire for self- protection and total disregard for her dead three year old daughter.