Monday, May 16, 2011

Super injunction:RE: Doncaster Council shamed by MP over unlawful gagging order


I am forwarding brief details of the appalling story of Vicky Haigh and her abducted 7 yr daughter, Romany, who has been snatched by Doncaster Social Services since January 2010.

In essence, the problem now is that Vicky is heavily pregnant (due to give birth early next month), and has been arbitrarily arrested by Doncaster police (tel: 01302 385241/240 - Inspector Hitchener, Sgt Sheridan) - despite having done nothing wrong! They have held her in custody since 2 days now - without any charges laid. She has been in & out of hospital because of pains and being anaemic, and had collapsed a few times as they've been harassing and victimising her. This all arose from Vicky innocently attending a petrol station a few days ago, at the same time that the paedophile ex-husband (who has been given custody of their daughter through skulduggery in the courts) was buying petrol there. Although pure coincidence, the paedo father (David Tune) dialled '999" and made the malicious allegation that the mother had "breached the non-molestation order", because of bumping in to her at the petrol station!

Here are some bullet points about this startling case:

1. Evidence exists to show that the child, Romany, has been abused by the paedo father allegedly since she was just 3 years old - yet the father has not yet been convicted.
2. The police had 2 video interviews done where the 6 yr child said "what daddy had done to me" in a child's own words... compelling evidence of paedophilia on the father's part.
3. Astonishingly, the police IGNORED AND OVERRODE this evidence!
4. I then discovered the paedo father has a BROTHER in the police force- Michael Tune, working for Humberside Force. He has perverted justice on this case through his brother aiding & abetting and abusing his position as a police officer.
5. Originally the paedo father had supervised contact visits with Romany, and through a CAFCASS officer lying, the position was reversed - and the mother had supervised contact visits put on HER (despite being 100% innocent!)
6. This enabled the Social Services to nefariously obtain a "care order" on the child - filling their coffers with thousands of pounds a week, as a result
7. I was stunned to then discover just before xmas last year that the "head solicitor" from DMBC (Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council) on the Case, one Lisa Bunn - had been defrauding the Court! She wasn't a solicitor after all! The SRA confirmed this in writing to me.
8. I alerted the Court, and it was ignored. The Sheffield county court transferred the case to the High Court in London, who in turn threw it out and it was sent back to Birmingham
9. I then contacted Birmingham County Court in Feb this year, only to discover that "no such case number exists" (I have this on tape)....then I recvd a call reversing this and claiming a "mistake" had been made, even though 3 different people confirmed "no such case".
10. I told the Court they had no jurisdiction and asked them to confirm the Judge was sitting on his oath when he made the supposed 'Order' - no answer came. It seems the court has stood down...we were then left with the threat posed by the police, engaging in arbitrary arrest...
11. The police came banging on Vicky's door at least 5 times during the course of her pregnancy, at 4am in the morning, causing untold harassment and distress.
12. We are looking at pressing criminal and negligence charges against the police and social services, and charges for perverting the Course of justice. Please help us expose this story - and others like it

Kind regards
Elizabeth Watson
Founder - One Voice Group
tel: 07798 690454