Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HACKGATE DAY 130: Prescott turns the heat up on the MET !

No officer, I will not come quietly….”
Why hacking, blagging, taping, spam, social media, marketing, blogging, sensationalism, corruption, denial and injunctions are merely different colours on a spectrum of control

Late last night as I went to bed, it felt like the world was going to drown in news. Panorama produced a devastating expose not just of Sepp Blatter and the crooks around him, but also of the police and political classes being utterly useless and generally disinterested in the idea of tackling it…..except in Switzerland, where FIFA is based.

Lord Prescott won a Parliamentary review of Met police performance during its first two goes at clumsily covering up getting to the bottom of Newscorp criminality.

Be under no illusions: this is a game-changer, because not only will it reveal the extent of Met complicity in Newscorp’s hacking fest, it may also reveal that senior legislators were having their phones monitored not just for commercial gain by the papers concerned,  but also perhaps for the political advantage of what was, at the time, Her Majesty’s more