Friday, August 26, 2011

#CarrollTrustFund #DowningStreet Elite Aides heavily involved in massive tax fraud operations !

Shocking new revelation now unfolding in British and American media reports on one of the largest ever ongoing white collar organised crime tax fraud operations in modern economic history has revealed that 10 Downing Street Cabinet Office high level aides close to Prime Minister David Cameron are deeply embroiled in the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust one billion dollars case. It has emerged in these latest revelations that extracts of the Carroll Trust Cabinet Office case dossiers are thought to have been leaked to investigative journalists following this major national security public interests case which stretches the globe.

Political commentators have remarked that the dossiers disclose a "shocking trail" of criminal subversive "cover-up" attempts "linked to co-ordinated" dangerous obstruction offences which are thought to be exasperating the primary victims who are the subject of close protection arrangements following horrific weapons attacks and ongoing threats to kill compounded by a complete refusal by the Metropolitan Police to provide assistance. Leaked sources have also revealed that whilst these UK Government "sponsored" organised crime offences have continued a staggering further seventy five million dollars of Carroll Foundation Trust world interests have fallen victim of multiple criminal seizure operations linked directly to the trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia and Westminster residences.

Sources have revealed that specimen exhibits of the primary fraudulent UK Companies House "registered" Carroll Holdings Corporation Ltd. (Co.No.2566593) regarded as a parent dummy structure is understood to form a vital component of the Carroll Trust case files which are held in custody at the FBI headquarters and Scotland Yard. Further financial media reports have revealed that the Howard Hughes estate which at the time of his death on April 5th 1976 included the Summa Corporation Hughes Aircraft Corporation Hughes Helicopters and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Maryland is connected with the Gerald Carroll Trust Global interests. It is understood that Carroll Aircraft Corporation Carroll Anglo-American Corporation and Maine Investments Gibraltar are the "named" victims in what is termed as the Hughes Carroll Affair.

It has emerged that Loeb & Loeb the major American law firm with offices in Los Angeles New York and Washington DC has been "named" with Slaughter & May as the Carroll Foundation Trust Global interests lawyers. The Carroll case files contain compelling forensic evidential material surrounding the incorporation of forged dummy HSBC Carroll Trust Corporations and falsified HSBC Carroll banking arrangements which effectively impulsed this massive one billion dollars fraud case.

The State of Delaware "registered" Carroll Trust Corporations were utilised within a fraudulent "multiple name switch" utilising double taxation treaties. It is understood that the Bahamas British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar tax havens are the primary platforms for the embezzled multi-million dollar offshore liquid funds currently believed to be under the administrative control of what is regarded as Britain's most dangerous crime syndicate which is now being targeted by the FBI and Scotland Yard's elite organised crime officers.

This US HM Crown National Security and Public Interests Case is held within a complete - LOCKDOWN - at the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Specialist Operations Directorate under the supervision of the assistant commissioner John Yates who is believed to have an intimate knowledge of this affair.

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