Thursday, August 25, 2011

#hackgate #Yates was he blackmailed by News International ?

In 2009, John Yates, assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, decided that there was no evidence to re-open an investigation in phone hacking by News International.

John Yates spent an entire day(!) perusing the allegations and decided not to investigate.

A decision he now admits was "pretty crap".
Was his decision making infuenced by the knowledge that his own phone had been hacked by NI ?

He was aware he himself had been a target and yet, said and did nothing.
John Yates, a married man, was having an affair.

Was the UK's chief officer in counter terrorism a victim of blackmail ?

Jail Andy Coulson.

Jail Murdoch.

Jail Rebekah Brooks.
Jail the police officers who took money from Murdoch and News International.