Monday, August 22, 2011

#LouiseMensch is she fabricating e.mails ?

Mensch….blackmail email horror victim probe

If you were going to threaten a high-profile MP, would you do it by email?

Piers Morgan /Mensch hackgate banter on twitter gained Louise many more followers and regardless of what you think of Morgan, Louise lied ( or misquoted ). To cover this lie (misquote) along came a chap named David Jones who outed Mensch on her drug taking, Mensch responded well and again her followers /fans swooned at how well she handled herself.

I just happened to be on twitter this morning when Mensch mentioned the alleged threats, no sooner said than done the Independent had the story. Mensch has spent the week cooing about Cameron and how wonderful he has handled Lybia. Mensch also agreeing with Cameron last week that yes twitter should be closed down for a few hours when necessary if there is a 'threat' .

Mensch clearly wishes to get on and observing her sucking up to Cameron last week, quite honestly made me feel very uncomfortable. For my part I believe this latest allegation is a fabrication made up by Mensch  1) because she is an attention seeker and 2) she knew damn well Twitter had confirmed they will meet with the Goverment.

Mensch has already proved she lies (misquotes) when it suits her and the SLOG BLOG questioned very wisely her David Jones e.mail which I also believe was complete fabrication to get her out of the Morgan situation .

However, she will do very well as an MP.

A typical politicians move the 'threats ' she alleged were received today will help Cameron next week when he speaks with Twitter and no doubt Mensch will be right by his side proving he has a point, her childrens lives have been threatened !