Monday, August 22, 2011

#Hackgate Day 222 : One million to keep your mouth shut...

*unt….bit of a wide boy
Such a shame – Newscorp and Jeremy *unt would’ve been a pure love-match

Newscorp legal chiefs Tom Crone and Jon Chapman are on ‘leaving bonuses’ of £1.5m and £1.6m respectively….which they won’t get until after they give evidence to the Culture, Media & Sport Committee.

So one might expect that such huge sums of money will weigh heavily on their veracity as they offer testimony about who knew what and when among the Wapping Liars.

It does seem to make a mockery of things, does it not? And dear old Rebekah Redtop will have to struggle by, when she returns from her all expenses world tour, on a £4m payout.

Meanwhile, more details are emerging of those ‘jobs will be found’ claims for the 280 non-hacking journos lucky enough to carry the can for the disgusting Murdoch clan of nationality-changing coke-snorters. Most of the vacancies are for menial tasks in places like Bolivia and St Helena. And no former NotW writers will be given a job at the New Seven-Day Soaraway Sun….just in case they’re caught later, and thus depicted as signs of contagion... read more at the SLOG