Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#Hackgate day 223 :#Coulson is no big deal BUT #CRONE is...

Why the Slog is more interested in ‘testimoney’ for Tom Crone

Snipped from article....

The Eye, as ever, is politically unaligned. But I continue to smell political agendas elsewhere. After its initial shyness about hacking stories, the Barclaygraph is now up for anything in this area that might destabilise the Coalition and do for Cameron. This was always the Guardian’s main focus anyway, and I have yet to see any sign of the Guardianistas burrowing into the obvious sh*thole at MGN with quite the same gusto they displayed for the Newscorp task.

Perhaps Louise Mensch would be better off giving this some consideration – as opposed to constantly seeing plots to destroy her, which then receive blanket coverage in the media.