Monday, November 28, 2011

Leveson Inquiry : Glen Mulcaire - Who Taught Him How To Hack Mobile Phones ?

Who taught Glen Mulcaire to hack mobile phones?
In the midst of the Hackgate firestorm that continues to burn at varying temperatures each day, no one has posed the burning question of precisely how phone hacking began? Not even the ‘campaigning’ Guardian.

If we take the basic presumption that Glen Mulcaire was the number one phone hacker for the rag trade and was hired by a host of newspapers, where did he obtain the know-how to hack mobile phones?

Surely, the Metropolitan Police have posed this question to Mulcaire at some point but then given their extensive role in phone hacking, it is likely no such question has been put to Mulcaire and assorted NOTW journo-crooks. The answer could be catastrophic.

The laws of cause and effect always lead to questions of how a disaster happened in the first place. But no one in the rag trade, including the ‘moral’ Guardian, have posed this critically important question. We are merely dealing with the symptoms and not the cause of the illness, shabby medicine.

If Mulcaire was the progenitor of  phone hacking, as we are being led to believe, where did he obtain the knowledge. Are we to assume Mulcaire woke up one day and had a brainwave that led him to hack phones? Of course not, he obtained the expertise from people who already knew how to hack phones and that expertise is usually the domain of police and intelligence more