Thursday, November 24, 2011

Levison Inquiry : Max Mosley -THE NOTW STING AND MI5

It comes as no surprise that Neville Thurlbeck was instrumental in the sting operation to expose the sexual tastes of Max Mosley. For years Thurlbeck has been accused of being a registered police informer [Metropolitan Police] and to my knowledge he has never denied the allegation.
But Mosley of course became a target for the NOTW because of his sexual tastes. Someone decided to throw the “Nazi smear” into the pot and again the maxim ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ came into play.

Had the NOTW simply stuck to a sting operation to expose Mosley’s perverted sexual tastes, he would have had no cause for litigation. But throwing the “Nazi smear” into the equation simply because his father was Sir Oswald Mosley, former leader of the British Union Fascists, was a bridge too far…

Of course, it has not become entirely clear to people why the NOTW wanted to paint Max Mosley as a perverted Nazi? It should be remembered that Sir Oswald Mosley was a Fascist not a Nazi and the two ideologues are fundamentally different on the issue of race but similar on the patriotic thrust of the State.

Nonetheless, because Nazism and Fascism joined sides against the Allies in the war, lazy lefties and Establishment scribblers throw the ‘smear’ at anyone who dares to criticise their perception of the world and usually in the same sentence.

Without a doubt, the NOTW thought they could make the same link and by so doing say to the world, ‘like father like son’ and that would have been the end of Max Mosley. But the son of the Blackshirt demagogue wasn’t taking that lying down, forgive the pun, and hit back in the courts, claiming libel and invasion of privacy... read more
Max Mosley and Mistress Abi