Friday, November 25, 2011

Levison Inquiry : HJK - Copy Of Anonymity Order - HJK Is A Man


Copy of Anonymity Order for HJK

From Guardian Live Blog:

"The inquiry is going to hear from an anonymous witness tomorrow morning, code named HJK. The name has been derived from three consecutive letters on a keyboards
Leveson says the issue is that HJK is afraid he will say something that will compromise his privacy.The lawyers will see and hear him, but his evidence will have no wider distribution.
The transcript of his evidence will be made public.
HJK is an ordinary member of the public and the hearing will be held in private, says David Barr, junior counsel to the QC.
His statement has been distributed to core witnesses, but Barr suggests that the public would be excluded from the court while HJK gives evidence, there will be no video or audio broadcast of HJK's evidence."