Monday, August 8, 2011

#Hackgate : Nick Davis comes to America

Snippet from article...

If so much of Fleet Street was doing this, why is all the focus on News International?
News International made the mistake of getting caught doing something illegal against the one group of targets who the police would not ignore, and that was the royal family.  

They ran a stupid story about how Prince William had injured his knee. And the reality was that Prince William hadn’t injured his knee, but for a few hours he thought he had, and he left a message on somebody’s phone, saying, “I think I’ve injured my knee.” And so when he read the story, and his people read the story, there is only one way the News of the World could have got that. So that meant, because it’s the royal family, the police couldn’t ignore it, so they investigate, and then they arrest the private investigator and seize all of his material.

 Now, it so happens that he works full time and exclusively for the News of the World, and so that means all of the evidence which the police have got relates to the News of the World. And then the other thing is that as a background fact, if you take my basic thing that I was talking about, the sort of spectrum of activity, it’s mostly the tabloids, and it’s particularly the Sundays, so the News of the World is a Sunday tabloid and therefore it has been more involved than almost any other paper.

I would think it probably has done more than any other.

But it was a fluke that it was their investigator who ended up getting investigated.