Sunday, August 21, 2011

#Hillsborough : Michael Kelly and the broken hearts left behind.

The people of England should not have to sign a petition and beg on their knees for their own Goverment to stop the tell the truth of what really happened at Hillsborough. Thatcher and MURDOCH, what evil did they invent together to save their own skins and what we now know to be a very corrupt British Police Force ?

Cameron knows the Hillsborough secret, he is a corrupt politicion , a Murdoch puppet as was Thatcher, he likes to be known as a child of Thatcher and the apple never falls far from the tree.

Michael Kelly was a quiet man. He loved the lyricism of Lennon, the urban poetry of Dylan and Dalglish.
Liverpool Football Club was his only hobby, his ­abiding passion.
He worked nights in ­Bristol, as a warehouseman, and watched every game, home and away.
He loved Anfield, the ­ritual of football, a couple of pints, and home cooking, in the family’s terraced house in Old Swan.....continue reading

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