Sunday, August 14, 2011

#NYPD lies and corruption #BillBratton to bring his corrupt ways and sort out 'gangland' warfare !

Bratton inflamed black youths by calling them 'tribal ' and terrorists

Bill Bratton will control the streets and MURDOCH STILL in control of the British media, this is evident as ALL journalists  have been told to report only good things about this charlatan. Cameron has no choice, he is the puppet of Murdoch and Murdoch through Fox News is sending out messages that this man is an angel ....looks a very violent and sad future in Englands once green and pleasant land.

Snippet from article , how BILL BRATTON works with lies and deceit, there will be many more unexplained black deaths on British soil with him in charge....Information it would appear kept from the public by the once again spineless British mainstream media...Smacks of the Madeleine McCann cover-up!

AND of course it is in the interest for both Murdoch and Cameron to divert attention away from HACKGATE, this has been achieved !

On January 1998, the NYPD’s Transit Bureau was caught fudging violent crime stats. Bureau Chief William Donoghue was forced to resign. NYPD Commissioner Howard Safir, apparently a master of fuzzy math, insisted that the fraudulent underreporting of subway crime by 20 percent did not affect the NYPD’s overall crime statistics: "While a true portrait of citywide crime was being painted, a somewhat skewed picture of crime in the subway was being put forth."
There’s been a distinct political pattern to news stories on the underreporting of crime. In the 1990s, these stories were almost always published in the far-left Newsday or centrist Democrat Daily News. Apparently, the neoconservative New York Post so closely identified with Rudolph Giuliani’s mayoralty (1994-2001) that it could not stomach such reporting. Conversely, the left-Democrat New York Times had a consuming hatred of Giuliani, but was too lazy for the gumshoe work.

But on February 4, 1999 Amadou Diallo, an illegal immigrant from Guinea, Africa, was tragically gunned down in the Soundview section of The Bronx by four white NYPD officers from the city’s (since disbanded) elite Street Crimes Unit. The detectives were searching for Isaac Jones, the worst serial rapist in the city’s history, who lived in the same neighborhood, and whose predations had caused hysteria in The Bronx. Diallo resembled the description of Jones. But once Diallo lay dead, the frenzied demands to bring in the rapist were forgotten.

As were the stories on fraudulent NYPD record-keeping.

Immediately following the Diallo shooting, socialist journalists and minority leaders joined to invent the “racial profiling” hoax. They charged (and still charge) that urban police round up and even murder innocent, minority men, based solely on the latter’s race and ethnicity. This hoax was a continuation of the war on urban white police begun in the 1960s, which had gained new momentum with the 1991 Rodney King case in Los Angeles, and again with the 1993 New York mayoral campaign of the Rev. Al Sharpton. The goal of the journalists, who were essentially Democrat Party propagandists, was to discredit Giuliani and, ultimately, to frustrate his planned bid for the U.S. Senate against then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. Crime-fighting was central to Giuliani’s appeal: during his two terms, violent crime allegedly dropped 54.3 percent, while property crime allegedly dropped 54.7 percent per 100,000 residents.

These journalists obviously sensed that publishing stories showing that police were underreporting crime would contradict the “racial profiling” hoax. I would not see another story on “disappeared” crime in a New York daily until after Giuliani had stepped down from office in January, 2002.

But two months into the administration of liberal Democrat-turned-Republican Michael Bloomberg, reporter Larry Celona wrote in the March 14, 2002 New York Post, that a rape that had been committed in the 50th Precinct

BillBratton and the brutal beating of Stanley Miller

Bratton inflamed black youths by calling them 'tribal ' and terrorists