Friday, November 11, 2011

#Hackgate: Greenslade Blog Claims Murdochs SUN Is Safe !

There is continuing disquiet within The Sun about the treatment of its district reporter Jamie Pyatt and its implications for other staff.

That concern has been redoubled by doubts about the paper's future as News International tries to dig itself out of its hacking hole.

More and more staff, past and present - and including very senior executives and respected veterans - are outraged at the conduct of the internal investigation.

Though the sensible ones recognise the need for News Int to clean house, they believe its methods are unjust. To quote one reporter, "it's all too heavy-handed."

They accept that the management and standards committee (MSC) must ensure that Sun journalists were not guilty of illegality, such as hacking or paying police officers.

The Sun would surely benefit from being able to show that its culture is different from that which existed on the News of the World.

But the paper's reporters argue that should lawyers acting for the MSC come across anything that appears to implicate an individual, the person should be given a chance to explain before the material is passed to Scotland Yard.

As the MSC's lawyers go about their work trawling through thousands of emails, there is concern about rough justice being meted out to journalists. more