Monday, November 14, 2011

#Hackgate #Leveson #Whitewash : Victims 'Revenge' Will have To Wait And Could Take Years. The Whitewash Has Begun !


Q&A the task for Leveson

Q: The phone-hacking scandal has meant people have lost trust in the UK's printed media. Will Lord Leveson's inquiry change that?

A: Although tasked with looking at the culture, ethics and practices of British newspapers, it might all come down to how they are regulated. Most expect a tighter regime.

Q: What happened inside the News of the World means everyone gets tarred with the same brush, right?

A: Yes and no. Leveson can't look too deeply into criminal wrongdoing at the now defunct tabloid. That's the job of a criminal court, not an inquiry ordered by Downing Street.

Q: The inquiry's remit includes media "practices": so he'll have to look at what went on – and that means "illegal" practices in anyone's book?

A: It does. But don't expect too deep a look. There have been 14 arrests, and inquiries are continuing.

Q: Look, is there going to be any Fleet Street blood on the carpet?

A: Certainly not. This is a British judicial inquiry.

Q: But over 50 victims have been lined up. They expect their day in court: "revenge" and "getting even" spring to mind

A: Revenge might have to wait. Part two of the inquiry will start only after all criminal proceedings have ended – only then will there be a serious probe of News International.

Q: So how long will all this take?

A: Lord Leveson himself has hinted it could be years.