Sunday, November 20, 2011

#Hackgate #Pressreform : James #Murdoch Will He Leg It ????

If the UK authorities are serious, they should confiscate James Murdoch’s passport

I waver back and forth in my judgement of James Murdoch. While there is no doubt at all in my mind that he is a mendaci0us freak, I cannot make my mind up as to whether – given the current outlook for Rupe’s son – he is simply brazen, very stupid, or both. As an excellent piece in today’s IoS from the irrepressible Matt Chorley points out, our James

‘….will this week face fresh questions from a parliamentary inquiry into News International’s financial links to Rebekah Brooks, who resigned at the height of the phone-hacking scandal. Mr Murdoch’s reappearance at the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee is expected to be dominated by doubts cast on his earlier claims not to have known about the extent of phone hacking at News of the World….’

However, unless Tom Watson has been bagged by the Bodysnatchers over the last few weeks, I doubt very much if Murdoch the Younger will be allowed to retire from his next CM&S session without explaining why Rebekah Redtop received a £1.7m payout, a chauffeur-driven car and a central London office as part of her go-forth-and-do-not-darken etc etc clear-out of all the hitherto undiscovered wicked elements within Newscorp. It also seems, by the way, that La Brooks has been told she will one day be able to return to the company, maybe even in as little as two years from more