Friday, November 11, 2011

#Hacking : The #SUN Corrects Claim On Knife Crime.

No doubt this information came from one of Murdochs corrupt cops !

Last month we showed how the Sun had wrongly applied an estimate for the proportion of knife crime committed by youth, made by a local police commander for a London borough, to youths involved in knife crime across Britain.

The article asked for the Sentencing Bill, which proposed tougher sentences on knife crime, to be extended to cover youth under the age of 18, using the assertion that 40 per cent of knife crime was committed by youths. This claim was quoted by a backbench minister in Prime Ministers Questions to support the same argument.

Full Fact found the figure was actually closer to 19 per cent.

The statistic was also denounced later by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke at a Commons home affairs committee.

We contacted the Press Complaints Commission and the Sun has now issued a printed correction.

It states: “We reported on October 18 that 'more than 40 per cent' of all knife crime involves juveniles. In fact, this was an estimate by local police for the London borough of Enfield. The most recent Ministry of Justice figures show the proportion is just under 20 per cent in England and Wales.”

original story has been corrected. more