Friday, November 18, 2011

#Presserform #Leveson :For Whistleblower Threats And Phone Hacking Continue !

Richard Peppiatt harassed for exposing the truth about Express Newspapers
Richard Peppiatt appeared at the Leveson Inquiry on 6 October this year and spoke of being expected to write ‘stories’ for the Daily Star that were fabricated to suit editorial needs. In the context of editorial needs, one should read porn baron Richard Desmond and his particular fixation on Islam.

Of course, Desmond is Jewish and a committed Zionist, so concocting stories about Muslims comes as no real surprise to anyone. Desmond is loyal to his Jewish brethren and the state of Israel, which begs the question why he does not live there? Of course, there’s no money to be made from pornography in Israel, so Desmond peddles his filth in Britain instead.

But the Daily Star is not just in the trash and smash Islam business, it claims to be a ‘newspaper’ covering a range of socio-political topics of ‘interest’ to its largely working class readers. One presumes its ‘readers’ buy the newspaper to learn something as opposed to looking for “masturbation material”  as a Daily Mail reporter once said to me.

Desmond backed Tony Blair for several years but when the New Labour crook ‘betrayed’ his promises on the European Union, it was “intolerable” and Desmond switched his support to the Tories. Of course, that meant his ‘newspapers’ went from supporting New Labour to backing the Tories in the space of 24 hours. How anyone is not able to see through this shabby deception is beyond rational belief.

And ‘Dirty Desmond’ of course made his millions from the softcore and hardcore pornography business. From that dubious ‘moral’ fulcrum, he was able to purchase the Daily Express. The ‘friends’ he bought in the rotten New Labour regime were useful to him until he decided to support the Tories instead. Perhaps he had an inkling that Dirty Digger Mark I would eventually ruin News International and the Tories would be on hand to support Dirty Digger Mark II? more