Thursday, November 17, 2011

#Pressreform #Leveson - Kate #McCann STABS Murdoch In The Back.

Rupert Murdoch does not take kindly to those who betray him. If Kate felt as though she had been RAPED by Murdochs NoW , why did she then give EXCLUSIVE rights to the SUN to publish extracts from her book ?

The SUN as crude as they are stopped short of printing Page 129 from Kates book  and how she thinks about Madeleines Perfect Torn Genitals The words from a mother who claims there is no evidence her daughter has come to any harm !

The McCanns are deeply in debt ,they have massive court fees mounting in Portugal, not to mention America's Criminal Profiler Pat Brown, who is now SUING them for libel !

The money that people believe is going to a FUND to search for Madeleine is in fact going to expensive lawyers paid to gag those who do not believe the McCanns abduction thesis !

No, the McCanns need money and the hope is they will receive a large payout from MURDOCH..... Murdoch  their staunchest supporter, his newspapers have printed many lies backing up their 'alleged abduction' and now Kate has betrayed him !
Lets look back to hackgate Day 120.

Rupert Murdoch has protected the McCanns like a GODFATHER preventing the media from publishing paedophile allegations made against Kate's husband and their very good friend Dr. David Payne...Maybe now would be  a good  time for MURDOCH to EXPOSE The McCanns for what they really are !!!!!