Monday, April 30, 2012

#Leveson : Video - #Cameron Is Voted CUNT Of The Day By Shrub Monkey !

David Cameron is today's Cunt of the Day.
The UK's boy prime minister who, in the words of Norman Tebbit, is running an accident prone government, was today called to parliament to answer urgent questions about culture secretary Jeremy Hunt's handling of News Corp's proposed takeover of BSkyB.

What a fucking gong show and an embarrassment to the UK this whole situation has become.

There are many reasons to find Cameron a truly despicable human being, but today, under pressure, he showed a glimpse of the boy beneath his chummy facade. The BBC describes Cameron appearance as "combative, at times angry, as he insisted Mr Hunt had acted fairly and impartially in the BSkyB takeover". The result is that, for the time being, there will be no inquiry because Cameron thinks it is "not necessary or right". According to the FT's Jim Pickard, Cameron "raged, fumed and argued until he was red in the face to insist that Hunt had done no wrong" and the prime minister has now bound himself to Jeremy Hunt.

It is, however, for yet another off-the-cuff comment that Cameron takes today's Cunt of the Day and that is for his response to a question by MP Dennis Skinner in which Cameron said, "Well, the honourable gentleman has the right at any time to take his pension and I advise him to do so". The question was a serious one about the way the prime minister is protecting Jeremy Hunt, and Cameron's response shows him up for what he is: a rude, disrespectful, arrogant man who thinks he is above everyone else. Not only was he disrespecting Skinner, who is 80 years old and has been an MP for over 40 years, he was disrespecting all older people who are productive in society when they could be retired.

Watch Cameron's breathtaking arrogance for more