Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#Leveson : #NDS #Hacking - Brown Moses Investigates Lee Giblings.

Lee Gibling's ICQ Logs Hacked

In the last few hours I've become aware of a number of ICQ logs being posted online which appear to be conversations between Lee Gibling, the hacker at the heart of the recent NDS hacking scandal and individuals who worked with or for NDS, plus other individuals.  The list includes:Barry Watters of AIMMartin Altham/Gallagher over multiple identities including Ken Frazer/Khan Ghoper covering the period he worked for NDS, Irdeto, and Mindport.
Len Withall - Former senior Surrey Police officer and
NDS head of Operation Security
Avigail Gutman - NDS head of security issues in Asia and Australia...all the details at Brown Moses