Saturday, April 28, 2012

#Leveson : Caul Grant EXPOSES The Corrupt Judicial System - Listen Carefully One Day This may be You.

Published on 24 Apr 2012 by
Caul Grant lost his child due to the shortcomings of the NHS. In the wake of that experience, he was wrongly imprisoned and experienced many other wrongdoings.

Consequently he set up the Campaign for Truth and Justice -- which is threatened to be closed down...

Allow me to begin by saying, there is a limit, both physically and mentally, to which all human beings can withstand. No one knows that limit and for some, when that limit is reached, it can be devastating. For example; some, when pushed beyond their control mentally, may commit suicide but before doing so may, in a state of madness, decide to go out in a blaze of glory and take other lives along with their own. In such circumstances, who is the guilty party, the mind pushed out of control or those responsible for the pushing?

I am a human being; nonetheless, I have had every single one of my human rights, guaranteed by the rule of law, violated without remedy and the violations continue without any let up.

I cannot and will not respect any law that does not respect me and the rights it affords to other human beings. It would appear that behind the walls of silence, despite the impact on individual or collective integrity, that you are all prepared to ignore and violate the rule of law irrespective of its consequence.

It is absolute hypocrisy for lawbreakers to claim the position of law enforcers and it is a very grave insult to those who have and continue to sacrifice their lives for Human Rights, Liberty and Justice.

Having been unlawfully convicted and imprisoned for a period totalling 9 ½ years without right of access to court by way of appeal or habeas corpus, I am not obliged to nor legally bound by any laws within the United Kingdom. Whilst I appreciate that your concealed, conspired silence allows you room to temporally ignore this fact and thus continue to abuse your position of power, I am not afraid of your threat of further unlawful imprisonment. However, I remind you that I am a Human being and thus, I am susceptible to undue pressure of the mind.

I strongly suggest you take your so called Restraint Order and your unlawful threat of imprisonment and shove it as far as you care to or risk an explosion beyond your imagination.
Caul Grant