Thursday, April 19, 2012

#Leveson : #dialmformurdoch - Rebekah Brooks’ office was bugged by the Murdoch empire.

Today sees the publication of Tom Watson and Martin Hickman’s book Dial M for Murdoch, which seems full to the brim with secrets of the darker side of News International. Among the biggest news so far is that Rebekah Brooks’ office was bugged by the Murdoch empire.
Other revelations include:
  • Neville Thurlbeck told Watson that in 2009 the News of the World targeted members of the Culture Media and Sport select committee, resulting in members deciding not to summon Rebekah Brooks to the inquiry.
  • A News International insider told Watson of a second email server at Wapping, where emails deleted from the main server would be preserved.
  • Watson was “offered” Andy Coulson, as long as Rebekah Brooks could remain “sacred” and untouched.
  • When released from prison, Glen Mulcaire went to work for former Met commissioner John Stevens.
  • The DPP regularly dined with NI executives both before and after the criminal investigation.
  • Tommy Sheridan told Watson that “They are bullies, and as with any bully running away only invites them to become more aggressive“.
  • Max Mosley described the Murdoch empire as “a really sinister presence undermining the whole of our democracy
Murdoch’s troubles seem to be just beginning.