Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#Hackgate day 196 : #HeatherMills #McCartney #PiersMorgan's way with a song...

“…’ere, no – mate….wanna buy a watch?”
Keen students of show business may well remember that Piers Morgan (aka his latest anagram, the Grime Parson) claims he was the man who cost Paul McCartney about £24.3 million, by introducing him to Heather Mills-Bomb. During the courtship, however, the Unibomber apparently texted to a friend, ‘I’m being pursued by a Beatle’. Thinking back, mind you, I’m not sure I recall how we knew about that text….but never mind.

Anyway, there I was, bored of re-reading  Arse Rim Pong’s memoirs the other day, when I stumbled upon reports that the Newscorp media empire was being accused of hacking Paul McCartney’s entourage – at the very least, those who are close to (or work for) him.

Members of his former publicity firm claim they were victims, and his current publicist Stuart Bell may have also been a victim, having reported at some stage that voicemail messages to him were deleted before he heard more at the SLOG.