Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#PiersMorgan caught up in #MACAGATE?...BUT that still does not explain his hacking of Amanda Holden !!!!

HEATHER Mills claims to have secretly recorded Paul McCartney laughing about her amputated leg in a sophisticated phone-bugging operation.

Macca's wife has told a friend that she has the explosive taped recording under lock and key - and is prepared to use it against Sir Paul in their divorce battle.

The ex-Beatle made the cruel jibe about her disability in a conversation with Stella last year, the friend claims. Both Macca and fashion designer Stella are then heard chortling at Heather's expense.

Later, the friend says an enraged Heather dramatically confronted Sir Paul with the tape - and played it to him.

Macca, she claims, apologised immediately and asked how she had got it.
The friend said: "She told him she'd been passed it by a journalist pal, who gave it to her because he was so appalled at what was said.

"But the truth was that it had been recorded in her bugging operation - but at the time she couldn't tell him that."

The tape is among recordings Heather is threatening to make public unless the Beatle admits fault in their marriage breakdown.

She had a tape recorder placed in a cupboard at Sir Paul's country home in Peasmarsh, East Sussex, and had a bug put on the phone line to record all calls.
Heather installed the devices after fearing that Sir Paul may have been bugging her.

The existence of the surveillance operation - dubbed Maccagate - was first disclosed in July 2006 by the Irish Sunday Mirror.