Friday, July 29, 2011

#Hackgate Day 199: #SteveNott warned of the dangers in 1999 #PIERS MORGAN ignored him !

Steve Nott

Concerned salesman went to Mirror….but Piers Morgan’s paper behaved suspiciously, did nothing


Vodafone blithely gave out information about how to hack to anyone who asked, claimed on radio there was ‘no risk’


How Steve Nott’s account suggests that TV news media might also have used hacking


Has he unearthed a broader security conspiracy?

Slog comment threader Steve Nott has revealed how he went to the police, the newspapers and other key institutions in 1999. He devoted a year thereafter to warning anyone who’d listen about how easy it was to hack a mobile phone. The cynicism of the tabloids in the way they handled his campaign is exactly what you’d expect….and Morgan’s Mirror was the worst of the lot. It was not until July 18th this year that Operation Weeting finally interviewed Mr Nott for three hours. He is to be called by the Leveson more