Thursday, July 28, 2011

#Hackgate Day 197 #PiersMorgan .Hate and loathing inside Mirror Group

MGN’s Bailey….”ooooooooo, not us hoffissah

The Slog reveals why Morgan’s survival is about a lot more than his CNN salary

The grisly demise of the News of the World came as a welcome bonus to MGN, the owners of the Mirror and People titles: it plonked £35M worth of advertising into the tabloid sector. But boy, do they need it. And it could all go the same way as the Screws…if the rising tide of allegations against Piers Morgan stick….as of course, they will.

Sharp eyes have noticed the distinct lack of enthusiasm over at the Guardianista for MGN bashing: a sure sign that Russ Burnt-Bridges is concerned about a Leftist paper getting deeper into financial trouble. While Big G’s Hackgate section is full of tittle-tattle anti-Newscorp stuff this morning, there’s so far been but one entry on Morgan – and nothing about Mirror Group’s risible complaint to the Parliamentarians. This denied all the allegations, the company insisting that “our journalists work within the criminal law and the PCC [Press Complaints Commission] code of conduct.” Bollocks they do: these clowns never learn when the game’s up.

But there are still a lot of fine journalists and decent people in Mirror Group. And lucky for us, one of them is talking to The more