Saturday, July 30, 2011

#Hackgate #McCann HOAX and #ClarenceMitchell

The sighting in India for those who have been busy with hackgate and cannot YET see the connection with the McCanns. The sighting was a HOAX from start to finish..DENIED by DEHLI police confirmed by SKYPhillipa on twitter  and yet Clarence Mitchell is still lying on behalf of the McCanns. Many have been in touch with Scotland Yard to ask what the hell is going on. Scotland Yard have no idea either, they also have no knowledge of a Madeleine sighting in DEHLI. Anyway it would appear the McCanns followers are asking too many questions so they have switched their FACEBOOK off.

I post again John Wards from the SLOG : Hackgate day120 :and ask again PLEASE see the connection. From the top, McCanns, Cameron, Andy Coulson, Clarence Mitchell and Gordon Brown:REBEKAH BROOKS has all the answers.