Thursday, July 28, 2011

#Hackgate #Mccan #Murdoch Mafia media STILL running the country.

Breama Barna aka Porn Starlet Agnes Minjeeta, modelling the latest line in Find Madeleine Clothing. You can find Breama on McCanns FACEBOOK.

If anyone had thought we had managed to put the brakes on Murdoch and stop him being in full control of the British media I am afraid we were all very much mistaken. It is business as usual. A story broke several days ago about a sighting of Madeleine in India...British Press had no interest in it to be honest we are pretty sick and tired of the McCanns and gagging everyone who wants another opinion apart from their own.

It has now been proven that the sighting in Indian was a hoax confirmation from the Police in Dehli that they know nothing about it and YET Clarence Mitchell persists with blatant lies about DNA tests. I have mailed Scotland Yard about this and wait for a reply. The Problem is, with the Yard they are all in MURDOCHS pocket. So, whats a girl to do ?



Chief of Police in Leh, Vivek Gupta: claims of sighting of Madeline #McCann 'false'; not been approached by anyone for DNA test