Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#Hackgate #McCanns use their lawyer Carter Ruck to ban free speech in the United States and pull Criminal Profiler Pat Browns book from AMAZON.....

What is interesting about this latest turn of events and the McCanns attempt to shut everyone up, is the power Rupert Murdoch has over AMAZON Kindle. Murdoch has threatened them many times and ordered them to release to him subscribers personal details or else !  I would imagine this is what has happened here, he has ordered them via Carter Ruck to remove Pat's book. The libel trial against Gonçalo Amaral I believe is set for September and the McCanns are 'cleaning' up their act to move in for the kill. I hope Pat Brown has some aces up her sleave because the British Goverment are as afraid of Murdoch as AMAZON appear to be.

MURDOCH threatens Amazon Kindle.


MURDOCH  has a Papal Knighthood...explaining how the McCanns had easy access to the POPE !

HACKGATE DAY 120: It was MURDOCH all along MURDOCH who puts the fear of God into everyone : MURDOCH the GODFATHER of the MAFIA.