Saturday, November 19, 2011

#Hackgate #Leveson #VODAFONE - Robert Murat FRAMED By Four Of The McCanns Friends Was SURELY Hacked ???

Four of the McCanns friends tried to frame Robert Murat for the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Kate McCann herself also pointed the finger and said how she would like to kill Murat.

The McCanns four accomplices are :

Jane Tanner
Fiona Payne
Russell O'Brien
Rachel Oldfield

VODAFONE : Police Surveillance on Rober Murat framed by four of McCanns friends

Link supplied is a long read but well worth the effort, it explains how the McCanns friends framed Rober Murat who must surely have been hacked by Murdochs employees. Robert Murat has since taken legal action against Jane Tanner and it is  ALSO  reported O'Brien,Oldfield and Fiona Payne ( wife of  Dr.David Payne implicated in an alleged paedophile incident with Dr.Gerry McCann )  for implicating him, an innocent man in the 'alleged abduction' are under investigation.  The McCanns, of course through their lawyers Carter Ruck will prevent the British media from reporting the results of any court cases.