Thursday, April 5, 2012

#Leveson: #Blair And #Murdoch's Unhealthy Relationship.

Much has been written about Rupert Murdoch’s massive worldwide telephone and mail hacking of celebrities, sportsmen politicians and military servicemen who were all put under secret surveillance, but activity of this kind on such a large scale cannot be kept in-house, and a London private detective while collecting information for a society divorce, claimed both Tony Blair’s and Gordon Browns marriages are shams, also the investigator stumbled on unhealthy links between Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch.
Tony Blair repeatedly refused to condemn Murdoch's phone and mail hacking and actually put on pressure to silence Tom Watson the New Labour M.P who helped expose the criminal goings on, and Blair and Murdoch are so close that Tony Blair is actually godfather to Murdoch’s daughter Grace.

New Labour was from start to finish a Rothschild Zionist front organisation, and they fund Murdoch's empire with USA taxpayer’s money.

Murphy-Fawkes the N.S.A whistleblower claimed the USA tapped Tony and Cheries phones from day one, as they saw him as a " Pinocchio" figure lightweight unreliable and unstable, because the NSA partly funds the British GCHQ they have access to everything they have from telephones and emails worldwide, and we now know from GCHQ traffic that Tony was brought to power for just one reason, the Iraq war and that Tony sanctioned the murder of Dr.David Kelly as Kelly refused to lie about WMDs in Iraq. more