Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#Leveson: #Tory HATE Campaign Against Councillor Jamie Chowdhary

A Tory councillor has quit the party after accusing colleagues of conducting a smear campaign against him whilst he battled cancer. Reading councillor Jamie Chowdhary was deselected as a candidate in an internal party “vendetta”, and has announced that he will run as an independent.
In his resignation speech to the council he threatened to sue local Tories who he claims made false accusations to the police about him. Cllr Chowdhary said:
“It is fair to say that I have spent the last two years fighting not just for my life but also my political career and my integrity.
“In over 30 year of business, I have never faced this level of animosity or malevolence from anyone, certainly not those that were supposed to be on my side.”
Last May the Tories gained 18 councils, and lost 14, surprisingly making a net gain of 86 councillors from the Lib Dem collapse. But this year, with stories like Cllr Chowdhary’s and increasing defections of Tory councillors to UKIP in conservative heartlands, it’s seeming more like May 3rd will be a glum day at CCHQ.