Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#Hackgate : Andy Coulson and Max Clifford have a contract.

I am dismayed at the lack of substance from those who should have questioned the three muppets from Wapping with the pain felt inside from the Dowler family. Security so tight that shaving foam was allowed to pass through and make a direct hit on Pa Rupert's wrinkly boat race. The one moment when someone should have pounced,  questioned why PR Guru Max Clifford was paid a cool million for the pleasure of having his phone hacked. Pa Rupert woke  from his slumber and said ' Coulson and Clifford had a contract'....James almost fell out of his pram as he bent double and shreaked at his father ' I' didn'nt know that '.....I waited and waited for someone to make the connection but alas the moment passed. I just hope someone somewhere has a U Tube clip of a very,very important revelation ! Coulson and Clifford....as if we did'nt know. 


Johnny Marbles...