Sunday, July 17, 2011

#HACKGATE Day 186: Murdoch on Milly Dowler... passing the buck !

The explosive scandal involving Royal solicitors Harbottle & Lewis and 300 Newscorp emails moved to another level yesterday. The Slog learned that Rupert Murdoch told the Dowler family Friday he is to sue H&B. Two senior Newscorp legals associated with H&B’s appointment left Newscorp hurriedly this week. James Murdoch worked closely with both. H&B’s Lawrence Abramson, who delivered H&B’s emails ‘verdict’, himself left H&B last month. Was he persuaded to miss the obvious evidence of criminality? Decide for yourselves.

The Slog yesterday learned from sources close to the event that Rupert Murdoch told the Dowler family on Friday Newscorp had been ‘misled’ by Royal solicitors Harbottle & Lewis. Harbottle & Lewis act extensively for members of the Royal family, including the Wales’s, Cambridges and Yorks. Yet somehow in 2007, a senior Newscorp Exec decided to get a legal opinion from H&B about whether 300 emails associated with hacking of the Wales children betrayed evidence of criminal wrongdoing. (I understand this was to help defend Newscorp against a wrongful dismissal case from Clive Goodman) more