Sunday, July 17, 2011

#Hackgate:The Murdochs are more evil than we could ever imagine pens the author of this article...BUT they do not know the worst ...little Maddie and what they have done to sell their tabloids.

However murky, sordid and utterly unscrupulous some semi ignorant fool like me might try and portray these powerful, influential people, they always trump me. They are much, much more evil and vicious than even I dared imagine, and I imagined a lot.

They are also gobsmackingly rich, they stick close to each other, they always defend each other but this is getting so out of hand now the cracks are finally beginning to show.

The fallout will be dirty, the back stabbing, smug fuelled revenge of the many people the Murdoch empire have attacked in the last 20 years will be spectacular. It would be easy to portray this story as a load of media luvvies having a mutual jizz fest, but the influence and corruption goes way beyond mere dinner party whispers.

I’m saying this because although I’m not in the least involved in any of it thank goodness, I’ve knocked around in the media world for 25 years, I’ve seen some shit go more
McCanns deleted their OWN phone messages..