Thursday, April 5, 2012

#Leveson :Corrupt Politicians Need Murdoch MORE Than He Need's Them.

The politicians told us Saddham Hussein had Weapons of Mass destruction, which he could release onto Britian and the USA in under 40 minutes, a total lie. (Murdoch media)

Politicians always frighten the people into fighting the governments wars by saying you will be attacked by, Al Qeada, Saddham Hussein,Abdul Nasser, Adolph Hitler, Napoleon etc etc all foreign bogeymen to scare us into going to war for government. ( Murdoch media)

Politicians told us we needed to import in loads of foreign people to do the work our people, wouldnt/couldnt do, a vicious racist lie. (Murdoch media)

Politicians robbed the people every way they could to give to international banks, criminal dishonestly on thier very own people.

Politicians told us that swine flu would kill millions so get your jabs now, another lie. (Murdoch Media - News International are the largest share holder of the vaccine )

Politicians use outlets such as the Murdoch press and the BBC to disseminate, spin, distort and twist news, which is racist hateful evil and divisive.

Polticians started the 'War on terror' in order to have an excuse to have wars of plunder on third world countries, like sophisticated street robbers. (Murdoch media )

Politicians invent the Global warming scam in order to levy large taxes to fund more daft wars, more lies.(Murdoch media)

Politicians hatefully blame the people for not working, when they have given the jobs away to foreigners, an act of treason.

Politicians outsourced abroad all the penpushing jobs to foreigners that they could, medical files, insurance, banking and police records thus depriving their own people of work and finance, taking their own peoples food and money for survival.

Politicians tell us the British birthrate has fallen drastically, yet they say we need a city the size of Birmingham every six years to accomodate all the newcomers, and paying for this is why they have to rob us, an act of psychopathic criminality.

Politicians use the dual voting system against the people, Tory or Labour, Democrat or Republican, Capitalist or Communist it does not matter as the same people are behind the scenes pulling the strings, which is why the policies are all the same, to rob and destroy their own people, who thinks up this evil ?

So our politicians obviously dont work for us, who do they work for ? and this is why our politicians stink.

T Stokes London