Thursday, April 5, 2012

#Leveson : Sienna Miller Faces Challenge By News International Over Costs.

Rupert Murdoch, an evil shrivelled up old man, a wrinkly,  even so there is still fight left in the old digger and one cannot help but wonder did he order PI's to delve once more into Sienna Miller's past ? why else dig up this case again, one that has been settled already ? Lets face it there are all things we have done in our lives that we may be a little embarrassed or ashamed of shall we say! Murdoch IS out for blood, rabid that he is being treated this way , the people he bought, used, blackmailed , corrupted , enabling undesirables like Blair and Cameron to become British MP's have distanced themselves to save their own butts.

Charlotte Church was threatened by News International that if she continued with her libel action against them their lawyers would destroy her mother, Charlotte settled. Will the same now happen to Sienna Miller , have they found a secret she would rather be kept just that, secret.

Expecting? Sienna Miller and boyfriend Tom Sturridge pictured here in November, have yet to officially confirm the news